About Powerhouse

You are most likely on our website to buy the best equipment you can for your Garage Gym, but, you may also want to know something about the team behind this fantastic equipment! So, we wrote the below for you:

Powerhouse Fitness was founded to create purpose built, NZ made equipment and provide knowledge for the busy parent/s, business people and those who feel the gym just simply isn't for them!

We also want everyone to have the guidance, and ability to experience the amazing benefits of strength training and working out from home:


  • Its major benefits to building a more resilient body and person.

  • The fact it is the foundation to all other sports and disciplines,

  • How it improves mood and wellbeing from the way the body uses resources when lifting and afterward, recovering.

  • And just how great it feels to be getting stronger and improving your physique beyond what you have ever before.

  • And most of all - doing this from home, where you control the environment and are able to do it on YOUR terms while being present for your family or business responsibilites


 We deliver this through expert advice, free training material, and setting up the most amazing home and garage gyms you'll ever see, and never want to stop working out in! 

Here at Powerhouse Fitness we are a bunch of total lean fanatics. By lean, we mean maximising customer value while minimizing waste. And by that we mean we are constantly looking for ways to make everything safer, higher quality, simpler and faster.

We are constantly working to eliminate waste, make 2 second improvements and to improve our culture by having a lean mindset and applying it to everything we do. As Paul Akers said in his book 2 Second Lean: How to Grow People and Build a Fun Lean Culture, “Lean thinking presumes that everything can be improved continuously, without end.”

If you want to learn more about the amazing “lean lifestyle” and apply it in your own life, research the works of Paul A. Akers, W. Edwards Deming and Taiichi Ohno.