Warranty & Info

YES – like every warranty there are T&C’s attached. This is very simple however – Its a warranty for life meaning you can be sure that even 30 years down the track, if a piece of equipment is damaged or broken through some manufacturing fault, it will be replaced!



Powerhouse Fitness stands behind the design, form, function and the quality of workmanship in every piece of equipment we make. If you are dissatisfied with the way your equipment performs or the quality of your equipment, please send your queries along with an image of the issue to sales@powerhousefitness.nz with the subject being “Product Concern for (name of product)” and be sure to enter your full name and delivery address. 

Included in the warranty is:

  • Weld quality and strength

  • Steel structures strength

  • Assembly components

Excluded from the warranty is:

  • Paint work wear and tear

  • Assembly of product other than what is assembled by Powerhouse Fitness

  • Wear parts in moving components or where constant friction is (considered consumeables)

Powerhouse Fitness will take very careful and non-biased consideration of every and any issue we are made aware of to ensure it is never repeated in production.

Returns policy – if you are genuinely not impressed with the product and can show us images of it assembled and in use to prove it wasn’t bought with wrong intent, we will refund the money and take the product back (excluding the cost of freight) within 30 days.


If you do have a genuine issue with your product and it has been confirmed as valid by the team at Powerhouse Fitness based on imagery and or video supplied (see Terms and Conditions), you will enjoy immediate replacement of the goods (and a little something to make up for the hassle).




By using this equipment manufactured by Powerhouse Fitness, you acknowledge:


  1. This equipment is for the use of building muscle, strength, power, cardiovascular fitness, improving physique and improving bodily health and has no other functions.

  2. Powerhouse Fitness takes no responsibility for injury, sickness, death or damage to other property through the misuse of their equipment.

  3. Powerhouse Fitness takes no responsibility for any injury, sickness, death or damage to other property as a result of advice they give.

  4. The design, form and function of this equipment is solely the property of Powerhouse Fitness and may not be copied or reproduced in any form.

If you have any concerns relating to the equipment, advice, or the use thereof please contact sales@powerhousefitness.com to log your query.