We offer a select range of the most functional and useful equipment to strength training sports such as Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Powerbuilding, CrossFit, and many other tactical sports such as Fighting, Golf and Ball sports.

We are a Waikato company located in Hamilton. We have a fantastic showroom you are welcome to come and check out as well as the factory where all of our quality products are made - 91 Maui Street, Pukete, Hamilton NZ.

Great question!

- Freedom of your own environment

- Your own music

- Your own choice of clothing

- No need to worry about cleanliness of equipment

- Equipment always available

- No wasted time waiting for your turn

- Equipment always in working order and good condition

- Your own shower and bedroom instead of public changing rooms

- Ask your mates around for a lift meet and make as much noise as you want with your training partners.

- More regular training and consistency with any-time access to advice and support, meaning you will be lightyears ahead of any other training method in your ability to make progress. This paired with your objective, the best equipment in the business and one of the simplest and slickest training plans will make for an awesome physique, strength level, flexibilty, or whatever it is you're working towards!

Here at Powerhouse Fitness, we have started a free-weight revolution. By free-weight we mean none of this fancy iso-lateral, suspension, ab stamp, booty building, shake it 'till you make it nonsense. We mean a good solid barbell, rack and plates. Why? Because it outright works.A barbell and all the compound lifts you can do with it, (compound meaning more than one muscle used) make it the backbone of all lifting and it also happens to be the most effective way to change how you look and feel.

Compound movements, using a barbell specifically, are the most effective route to building muscle and burning fat.A simple loaded squat for example in 5 repetitions will burn more than 3.5 times as many calories as running for the same body weight person for 30 minutes. And that’s only a small part of the benefits. Because running or similar cardiovascular activity is not damaging or tearing the muscle fibre, you actually lose muscle mass while burning fat through cardio.With weight training however – you gain lean muscle mass while burning fat, making for a much healthier, leaner and better looking body (oh and stronger).There is also the major benefit for anybody trying to lose fat, which is that lean muscle mass increases metabolic speed leading to better processing of calorie intake and lower fat storage. Not only are you reducing fat for the present but you are building a body for the future.So that’s why we like free weights, and the reason why we choose free weights over other forms of resistance training is simple – results. Other resistance training cannot offer the same muscle activation and therefore will never deliver as good results.

The short answer is practically anything. The heaviest squat in the world is 525kg and our racks and cups can hold that each side and still have no issues, totaling for over 1000kg capacity.

No. It can still be used absolutely perfectly without being bolted down. However, bolting the rack to the floor increases stability, especially when using the pull-up bar and attachments. It’s something that we recommend doing.

Otherwise, using a pair of our Vertical Plate Pegs with a bit of weight on them does the trick.

Very little room is needed. For a Powercage or Half-Rack, all you really need is 1.3m x 1.3m plus you will need a little bit extra room to move a 2.2m bar around. Everything can be stood and stored inside the 1.3m squared space.

We will do our best to get this shipped to you within 2 weeks. However, we are working to bring this time down and ultimately deliver within 2 days of ordering.

Absolutely! We have Genoapay, Laybuy and ZIP. This allows you to finance up to $1500 of any purchase and pay off over multiple weeks in simple installments and ZERO interest. Also, if you prefer, a credit card works great for minimal interest!
Give us a call on 0800176688 or email us at sales@powerhousefitness.nz if you would like to process your order using a financier. (Laybuy can be used at checkout.)

This is the best way to burn fat but it all depends on your objectives. If you desire to lose weight when starting the program, your nutrition and energy intake will be tailored to achieve such results. If you desire to gain weight, your energy intake and nutrition will simply be tailored to achieve this outcome. The simple answer is yes, you will lose weight if that is what you want to do.

Any age is suitable. Being too young however can lead to undesirable growth and potentially some bone damage from underdeveloped cartilage. It is recommended to start lifting no younger than 15 years of age. That being said, you can really start at any age just so long as the program is tailored to such.

It is recommended that if you have a concrete floor where your equipment will be, to use gym matting supplied by Powerhouse Fitness. This will protect your floor and equipment when dropping heavy weight. We can also build custom lifting platforms to order when needed.

The standard rack heights are 2.3m. This ensures you have a decent buffer of space, between the rack and a standard 2.4m ceiling height, allowing room for gym floor matting. The pull-up bars can be mounted in three different heights to ensure you have headroom when performing pull-ups in lower ceiling spaces. If your ceiling is a particular height or you would like a custom height rack, simply reach out and get in contact with us. We would gladly build yours to your desired height for a small custom fee.

We recommend up to 2 users per rack at any one time. This allows for one user to be doing a working set while the other is resting and vice versa. With the Powercage you can have 1 person working inside the rack at the same time as someone working outside the rack. We recommend that you buy an extra set of J-Cups and a pair of Steel Spotters if you plan on doing this.

This is a common concern as there is knowledge needed to make it work and to enable you to train effectively. There are hundreds of great online resource and training programs that can take you to the next level – we offer one for free too! Just hit us up at sales@powerhousefitness.nz 

Some great online coaching and training companies we recommend are; Starting Strength – Mark RippetoeAthlean X – Jeff Cavaliere, and Legion Athletics – Mike Matthews

Most efficient and effective way to burn fat and build lean muscle mass. Also best hormonal response meaning testosterone is used effectively and makes for a better hormonal balance.

What are the benefits?

- Health; Better hormonal balance. Improved metabolic speed and healthier metabolism making for a “fit and free” feeling.

- Fitness; best muscular growth for men out of any form of training. A simple program and method tested over time and proven to work for top performing athletes the world over.

- Mood; Better hormone balance will make for a far better mood as well as the ability to eat with more freedom and not have it have such an impact – believe us!

- Convenience; it is the fastest way to make those gains and see improvements – it still requires work though! For the first stage of the program to get you into the lifting and achieve benchmark strength levels you will be looking at 3 workouts per week at 45 minutes per session. If you are cutting (trying to lose fat) you will also be doing some cardio and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

How will this help my physique?

More regular training and consistency with any-time access to advice and support meaning you will be lightyears ahead of any other training method in your ability to make progress. This paired with your objective, the best equipment in the business and one of the simplest and slickest training plans will make for an awesome physique.

There are all sorts of benefits which women will gain from using free weights as their form of fitness:

- Weight lifting for women is great for their health. It improves metabolic speed and reduces fat retention.

- It is also one of the only proven ways to remove stubborn fat and reduce cellulite

- Weight lifting releases a large amount of endorphins in the brain compared to other forms of exercise. This will boost the body’s ability to produce natural antidepressants and improve mood.

- As women only have around 10% of the testosterone that men have muscle size is not a significant outcome from weightlifting. Therefore weight lifting will dramatically improve muscle tone and body composition without dramatic increases in muscle size.

Some common barriers for women in weightlifting involve questions such as “ will I get muscly”? “ weights are scary” and “ I don’t know where to start”. Powerhouse Fitness can break down all of these barriers with our simple offerings and explanations below:

- “Will I get muscly”? short answer is if you are taking in a level of energy in a day that is surplus to what your body needs while you are training, your lean muscle mass will grow. However if you do not desire to be “muscly” but to simply burn fat and look better you will naturally increase your lean muscle tone and definition, without the size, with the right nutrition.

- “Weights are scary”. They are actually on the contrary, one of the safest forms of fitness, fat loss, exercise and training. This is as a result of a number of factors but in addition to this there are all the safety features on our equipment which ensure you are able to lift safely – every time.

- "Don’t know where to start?" Trust us on this one – no matter what your overall objective, starting with strength training is the best place to start for all future programs to tone and shape your body how you want and to stay incredibly fit.

- "Weight lifting equipment is hard to use"…not at all. Our equipment inspired by lean lifestyle as is everything we do, is extremely easy to set up, to use, and is practically struggle free.