How You Can Build Your Best Body Ever In Your Garage Without Breaking The Bank Or Diving In Too Deep!

Check out our epic Wall-Mounted Body Weight Training Equipment below! A great way to get in the game and start training from home to see the benefits!

Wall-Mounted Body Weight Products Ship FREE NZ Wide!


Powerhouse has only received raving reviews about our racks - purpose built to fit in NZ homes, and customisable to suit your location and needs!

"Just wanted to say thanks heaps for the Powercage! Got it all assembled this afternoon - boy, it's a beast! Absolutely stoked with it! Awesome build quality and design. She's as solid as a rock!" - Sean McCormack

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Specialty Bars

Bars to totally change up the way you train - hit muscles from an angle you never thought possible. Also super handy in rehab or injury, giving you another way to perform an exercise!

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What Powerhouse Fitness Does Different For YOU!

How You Will Enjoy Lifetime Assurance Of Quality So You're Never Tripped Up Building Your Best Body Ever!

  • 100% NZ Designed & Made.

    We make everything here in Hamilton NZ.

  • We Work Out Exclusively In Our Garages.

    We get it.

  • Over 400 Garage Gyms & Counting

    Knowledge and feedback let us serve you the best.

  • 100% Quality Guarantee

    We promise the best quality from us.

Customer Reviews:

  • "Having the ability to just open the door into the garage, come and workout for an hour but not be away from my wife and daughter has been amazing.... It's just been fantastic. I would never go back."

    Kevin Bond, Lawyer & Proud Owner of Powerhouse Fitness Equipment

  • "Wanted to drop a note on the rack - it's amazing! So stoked with the quality, the welding and workmanship is incredible. Packaging it came in was so well put together, no marks on anything (powder coat looks stunning)… Looking forward to decking out the rest of the garage now. Thanks again to you and the team!"

    James Mather - Proud Owner Of Powerhouse Fitness Equipment

  • "My investment in the Garage Gym through using Powerhouse Fitness gear is just 100% worth it. It's taken away all of the preconceived excuses I had for neglecting my own health and fitness, and I just think everyone should have a Garage Gym."

    Blair Vennel, Builder & Proud Owner of Powerhouse Fitness Equipment

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