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Here at Powerhouse Fitness, we've helped thousands of previously unmotivated average guys who needed to get in shape. We have enabled them to get real results and win back their valuable time and money with awesome, purpose-built Garage Gyms. They now live the best version of themselves!

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"It's a New Zealand made product that is designed and manufactured specifically for a garage gym by people who lift. Nothing beats local and purpose built."

Stephen Currie

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Designed To Transform Your Life.
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"Really impressed with the quality, surprised at how heavy and sturdy the parts are. 100% worth it. Really am stoked with it."

Jamie Tyson

"Having your own set up is far superior to having to truck off to the gym. You get significant flexibility to be able to fit in with a hectic life. And on any given day you can break up your training routine which is a big plus.

Trevor Reeves

"The high quality of the products speaks for itself. The equipment is absolutely awesome. Not only is it very sturdy but it is a work of art with the high quality finishing."

Jimmy Anita