Delivery & Returns

Powerhouse Fitness delivery and shipping is simple.

If you live in New Zealand you purchase the goods and based on their size they will have one of two flat rates added to them, we pop them on a truck or in a courier (whatever is most practical) and get them sent to you. No handling fee or calculations and no hassles. Fair and simple. For large orders to Australia or the USA, you will need to contact us directly for a shipping quote and these typically take 4-8 weeks to ship due to weight of the product; for smaller lighter order such as bars, this will be 2-4 weeks. 

We will always forward the tracking number from our fantastic freight company to you so you can have the giggly primate feeling of watching your parcel go through the steps to get to you (we love it too). If ever there is a glitch or you think it has taken too long feel free to call us on 0800 17 66 88 or just email with your order number as reference.

Returns with Powerhouse Fitness are simple. If the product is needing to be returned on a warranty basis as outlined in our Warranty page, we will follow procedures on there with you to ensure the issue is resolved.

Products without issue will not be returned under any circumstances. If they meet the Warranty standards then they will be taken off your hands and replaced as fast as possible all shipping covered.