Why A Garage Gym?

So we've been asking a lot of you garage gym owners (and prospective owners too) a seemingly simple question: "Why a Garage Gym?"

The top 5 most common answers have been:

1. Zero waiting time. No waiting for an open booking at the local gym, no waiting in traffic, and most importantly, no waiting for equipment. 24 hour availability.

2. The ability to choose who you train with. You have the option of complete privacy (zero judgement) or the option of inviting friends and family to train with you (great motivation).

3. Zero excuses not to train! The equipment is right there, meaning you literally don't have any excuse.

4. Freedom. The freedom to wear whatever you want, listen to whatever music you want and train how you want without being judged or annoyingly "helped" by some stranger who thinks they know best.

5. Quality. The ability to kit out your garage gym with the equipment you know is top quality, safe, strong, sturdy and will last you a lifetime. "Buy nice or buy twice." "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

These answers all make sense, but we wanted to get right to the root cause of why Garage Gyms are so important. So in response to all those answers, we asked "why is that important to you?"

In answer to number 1: "Zero waiting time is important to me because it means I get my training done efficiently and effectively without any distractions which then means I get to spend a lot more quality time with my wife and kids."

In answer to number 2: "Training with my mates is one of the most important things to me as they're my biggest motivators. It's great being able to spend time with them in an environment where we can just be ourselves without worrying whether we're making too much noise or whatever."

In answer to number 3: "I now don't have any excuse not to train with this awesome equipment set up in my own house. Regular training is so important to me because it contributes to a better well-being and a much healthier lifestyle. I want to lead a long healthy life for my family's sake!"

In answer to number 4: "Having the freedom to train how we want to train is super important to my partner and I as we can constructively critique each other without any fear of negative judgement or comments from other gym-goers. It's really awesome being able to train together without that constant feeling that you're being observed or critiqued by some guy who thinks he knows best."

In answer to number 5: "Quality means safety. My family wants to know I'm safe when I'm working out without a trainer or someone to spot me. That's the beauty of Powerhouse Safety Spotters!" Why is that important to you? "Well it's important because our family really cares and values the time we have together. If I got seriously injured then that quality time would be jeopardized."

Crazy right? Nearly every single answer we got was based around the one same thing:

Caring for and spending quality time with loved ones, family and/or friends.

No matter what the answer was, it all led back to that one overarching reason. We thought it was pretty awesome 'cause after all, what's more important than that?

Is spending more time with your friends and family important to you? You tell us ;)

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