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Wall Mounted Folding Dip Bars

Wall Mounted Folding Dip Bars

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An epic foundational piece to kick off your home gym without having to commit to the bigger stuff. Start training body weight at home and pair this with the Above The Door Pull Up Bar or Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar to be able to train the essentials and make tons of progress fast!

These Dip Bars are also an epic addition to a Garage Gym to have a dip station always available if you don't want Dip Bars on your rack.

Comes With:

  • 1x Wall mount plate
  • 1x Dip Bars
  • All required fixings

Easy to install. Fix the mounting plate to the wall (in a stud at a height that suits you), according to the instructions, bolt the dip handles in, flip up and put the pin in place to start banging out those reps!

When you're done, pull the pin out, fold them down and put the pin back through the hole to store it!

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