Flat Bench
Flat Bench
Flat Bench
Flat Bench
Flat Bench
Flat Bench
Flat Bench
Flat Bench

Flat Bench

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Super versatile bench. The Flat Bench will have you feeling every tiny contraction in the chest, being a stable support that allows you to fully activate the chest.

  • Delivered to you fully assembled
  • Super grippy waterproof vinyl covering with triple stitching guaranteed for life
  • 310mm wide all the way up for excellent scapula support when doing any form of benching
  • Can stand on its end for easy storage
  • Single foot at front of bench allowing room for full leg tuck under the bench accommodating for any bench style
  • Wide base of support for maximal bench stability
  • Extreme lightweight construction without sacrificing any strength making it super easy to move
  • Large diameter wheels making it easy to roll from one surface to another e.g. on and off mats
  • Strong steel construction for any weight user
  • Superior pad with high density foam for ultimate comfort and mid range compression for increased stability


  • Height: 430mm (16.9 inches - competition height)
  • Width at widest point (Back Foot): 500mm
  • Width at widest point (Pad): 310mm

Secrets revealed!

How pro garage gym athletes push competition crushing numbers on the bench.
The 5 Simple Secrets No One Talks About:

Secret #1: A wide base of support makes for a much bigger and safer lift on the bench

Secret #2: The perfect set-up height of your back and shoulders is the secret to an injury-free and heavy bench

Secret #3: A good leg drive is the secret to planting shoulders firmly on the back rest and driving the bar away from your chest - the stronger the drive the firmer the back rest needs to be

Secret #4: Grip. You need extreme grip to succeed on the bench. To be without it is a recipe for unwanted movement during your rep, resulting in injury.

Secret #5: Mobility! There is nothing worse than needing to implement chest exercise variations and not being able to move, adjust and/or store your bench out of the way so other exercises can be done.

Powerhouse Benches Are

#1: A wide and flat base making for extreme stability has Secret #1 nailed!

#2: Internationally accepted and proven competition height pad gets Secret #2 under you in no time!

#3: Super High Density Foam (SHDF) with topper makes for the most supportive and most comfortable pad you'll ever use. Secret #3 taken care of!

Powerhouse Benches Are
Dependable & Superior

#4: Woven water-proof vinyl (typically used to stick riders bottoms to sports-bikes seats) features on Powerhouse Fitness Benches providing EXTREME grip! Secret #4 will stick!

#5: Some of the largest diameter wheels found on fitness products with bearings for an EASY roll into or out of position for whatever exercise you are using your bench for! Mobility in Secret #5 sorted!