Bulls Horns
Bulls Horns
Bulls Horns
Bulls Horns
Bulls Horns

Bulls Horns

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The Bulls Horns are a simple to use tool for awesome back progression. We developed this tool to reduce time in unloading a reloading the bar for T-bar rows when only one bar is available. Super simple to use - just deload one end and slip into a landmine holder or under a dumbbell and put the Bulls Horns under the bar at the loaded end to start your T-bar rows. The Bulls Horns enable a much wider grip than the Rams Horns, making for greater inner back and latissimus dorsi focus.


  • Width: 910mm
  • Weight: 4.5KG


Made with all Garage Gym users in mind, helping you no matter your stage in resistance training. You will feel comfortable and confident and train just like pro Garage Gym Owners do.

Success or Failure?

A barbell is the most important asset for you becoming a great Garage Gym athlete. The attention to detail is what matters when it comes to accuracy and feel when working out.

Your success or failure hinges on remaining injury free and loving every lift - a well made bar is the secret.

Who Doesn't Like Gear That Lasts a Lifetime!

Just how you are building a body for the future, we figure it's important that the awesome gear we set you up with should last forever! Powerhouse Fitness Bars & Plates have longevity built into them from our factory here in NZ

Little Known Ways To Quickly Build Muscle!

Additional exercises with dumbbells are crucial to developing stable and injury resistant muscle as you start pushing, pulling and squatting more weight with a barbell. Your progression and longevity depends on your ability to build safe muscle.