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Above Door Pull Up Bar

Above Door Pull Up Bar

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Kickstart your Garage Gym journey with this essential piece of gear. Pull ups and chin ups, hang a suspension band off it to get a wide range of movements or put resistance bands on it for some lighter work. This and our Wall Mounted Folding Dip Bars give you the essential base for getting some body weight strength training done in your garage or any room of your home! 

An awesome single purpose pull up bar for existing Garage Gyms or putting above your office door so you can get some reps in when you feel the need! Just hanging can be an awesome shoulder rehab thing to do.

Comes With:

  • 2x Wall Brackets (to be mounted to studs above a door frame)
  • 1x Textured Finish Pull Up Bar
  • All required fixings

Easy to install. Fix the mounting brackets to the wall above a door frame, according to the instructions, slide the pull up bar in, tighten in place and get training!

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