Behind The Scenes - The Making of The Bare Steel Powerbar

So here's what knurling looks like when it's done with a CNC lathe in a giant hurry to maximise efficiency and profits:

Now here's what knurling looks like when it's done with a manual lathe with care and ultimate attention to the user experience:

Take a look at the Bare Steel Powerbar here...

So, why does this matter to you?

1. Powerhouse Fitness is one of the only barbell manufacturers in the world who use a manual lathe to knurl steel rather than a CNC lathe. This is how we get our knurling so deep and precise. The deeper knurling increases the grip on the bar significantly, helping you to pull, squat and press much heavier weights than you ever believed possible.

2. It takes us a bare minimum of 2 hours to make just one bar from start to finish. Each and every Powerhouse Fitness Powerbar is delicately hand crafted from beginning to end - a difficult and highly skilled manufacturing process that can take years for even an experienced fitter and turner to master and perfect. At this current point and time, we don't believe you could find this level of hands-on quality and care that goes into the making of each bar anywhere else in the world.

3. By having our hands on the bar at every stage of the manufacturing process, we ensure that the highest level of quality is attained to at every step resulting in a perfectly consistent fit, finish and weight. Even with this level of quality control throughout the entire process, each and every bar undergoes a further full examination before shipping. We spin test the sleeves to ensure they spin 100% smoothly, brush down the shaft with a stiff bristled brush to remove any swarf (metal chips) that might be stuck in the fine grooves of the knurling, and finally we wipe the bar down with a lint free cloth to remove any oil from the manufacturing process and fully coat the bar in fresh oil to ensure there is no risk of corrosion during shipping.

From the care and attention put in to manufacturing this bar, the many thousands of hours of design, testing and trialling, to the extent of custom building tools, this bar stands in a league of its own. Not to mention it's performance characteristics that have gained the attention of multiple disciplines in strength training and experts in each field of the garage gym society.

If you're taking your training seriously, then you know that your bar is the core of every great workout. Why then, would you settle for anything but the highest quality bar?

Why not use a bar that you're proud to own?

Take a look at this bar everyone's talking about...

Thank you so much for reading this post and we'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below...Also let us know if you would like to see a video with real life footage of how the Powerhouse Fitness Powerbar is made!

Cheers :)

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